Buying a Golf Bag


Every year new technology is being brought in and we see it taken and adapted to higher levels within the game of golf. We see new technology in the ways of drivers, golf balls, pretty much everything… even golf bags.

We see new concepts, ideas and styles being brought to the attention of golfers from all around the world ranging from beginner to pro, junior to senior, etc. Golf bags are no exception to this concept.

Today, there are many different styles of golf bag for you to choose from; depending on your preference of getting around the golf course.

Carry Bags: These are designed to be carried by the golfer. These bags are the lightest type of bag available and tend to average around just 2lbs in weight.

They don’t have stands legs and work great for the golfer carrying minimum clubs, balls and other equipment.

Lots of golfers use these in the summer when it is hot, (we also wouldn’t want them getting muddy if we used one in the winter would we?).

You could use a carry bag with a trolley cart but just make sure it’s securely fastened.

Stand Bags: These are similar to

Solving the Slice


For many new players one of the most frustrating aspects of golf is the slice. For most whom have had played baseball or other types of racket sports the slice is more profound. The golf swing does not come as naturally and contradicts many of the habits learned in other sports. After some hard work and dedication most new players can straighten out their approach enough to have some kind of a respectable level of play. But that is not the case for the driver.

The Drive is the shot which holds the most prestige. For men, being able to drive the ball as far as possible, or further than anyone else, is a matter of esteem and confidence. Which is why it’s also the most frustrating shot in golf for new players. Not being able to get out of the tee box with a good drive is the most demoralizing thing a player can do during a round. Keep it up for 18 holes and I guarantee you are not having fun. This can tend to dissuade players from continuing to work on their game or create anxiety when playing

Enhance Your Golf Performance With Strong Shoulders

What do you do to hit the perfect golf shot? You hold the club with a strong grip, make sure that the posture is right, and concentrate on the ball before hitting it. But to tell you the truth, your job remains half-done if the ball swings to a direction you didn’t aim for. If you visit any golf club and watch a match, you will find that a golfer never ‘hits’ the ball; rather he makes a good golf swing. His hands, arms, legs and hips move in a proportional way to produce a shot that he wants. So, when you are working out, make sure your body achieves better flexibility to make movements in every direction. Most importantly, emphasize on the shoulders if you desire a perfect golf swing.

A Group of Four Muscles

Supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis are the group of four muscles, which together is known as rotator cuff. You need to work on them if increasing the swing speed is in your mind. Shoulder strengthening happens to be one of the most important parts of a golf training session. These muscles support the shoulder joint and help the shoulder to rotate in different

Learn to Keep a Steady Head in 30 Days or Less With a Simple and Daily 5 Minute Exercise

A recent study by the National Golf Foundation (NGF) shows that once a golfer has been playing the game for three years or more, certain swing habits, both good and bad, are embedded in the golfer’s swing. It seems that muscle memory or motor learning enables the golfer (or any athlete) to consistently repeat the learned movement, whether that movement is the desired movement or not.

This movement becomes an unconscious movement, a habit. And we all know how difficult it is to break a habit. Some physiologists say that thousands of repetitions of the new and desired movement or desired habit are necessary to break the undesired habit. My personal experience and research suggests that the number of repetitions varies with each individual, and depends on the individual’s flexibility and athleticism. None the less, the undesired habit cannot be changed or eliminated without repetition of the desired habit.

Other studies by the NGF and the Titlelist Performance Institute show that faulty head movement is the primary fault of the 80% of the golfers out there who do NOT break 100. So how does the high handicap golfer learn to get a steady head? Repetition of a steady head during

Breaking Into Beauty and Fashion Writing

Most folks think writing for fashion and beauty publications is all about free product samples and glamorous events. But the reality is that these are the part of it, but being a fashion and beauty writer is also a plenty of work.  In this post, I am going to tell you about top tips for making it in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle writing jobs world.



I’m not recommending that you give away 6 months of your life for no compensation, yet having work situations from 3-5 weeks is an incredible approach to try things out and realize what sort of part you’d like to do. A decent temporary position ought to give you a knowledge into the regular life of a magazine/site office and will show you abilities that you requirement for fulltime work.


For lifestyle content writing jobs, the approach of online networking, for example, Facebook and Twitter implies you can in a flash get associated with magazine journalists and editors around the world. Join to these systems and begin tailing them and attempt and develop compatibility. Spamming them with requests of

It’s Not All About Being a Long Hitter!

1: Ignore their distance. There is nothing much simpler you can do than to completely ignore the fact they hit the ball much further past you. What difference does it truly make whether you are hitting a 6 iron or a 9 iron into the green? We don’t draw pictures on our scorecard. Golf is all about getting the ball in the hole within the fewest strokes possible; not how far you hit the ball.

2: Hit more greens. If you are playing a match against a long hitter then you will need to apply as much pressure as possible throughout the round. As you will most likely be hitting first, really pile that pressure on by hitting the green; giving you birdie putts more often. You’ll be amazed how some big hitters tire of this, mentally drain and the match is yours for the taking.

3: Perfect your short game. 100 yards inwards is where birdies and great golfers are truly made. Imagine you could get up and down from every situation, for every hole, for the rest of your golfing career… you wouldn’t care about driving the ball 300 yards then. Perfect your short game and you will be

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Improve Your Golf Swing With Two Basic Steps

No matter whether you are a top tour player or an amateur club golfer just starting out; the fundamentals of golf are the same for everyone. However, no two people will ever have the same swing because of the differences in one body to the next. This makes golf truly an individual sport.

If you really want to improve your game and release the most enjoyment out of your round then you must practice the basic fundamentals until they become second nature to your body. This will lead to great confidence on the course, which further leads to the most enjoyment.

You’ll need to adapt your own body to perform a proper golf swing in your own way.

1: One of the most basic steps that’ll bring an immediate improvement to your golf swing is to keep your head down and eye on the ball. When I say this I am talking about maintaining your posture. It’s not always the head that lifts up but the whole body. You need to, ‘stay down through the shot’.

There are many drills you can perform you keep your body from coming up throughout the golf swing, try this one and see if it helps:

  1. Approach

Play to Your Strengths and Iron Out Your Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses; an absolute fantastic way to begin improving your golf game is to play to your strengths and practice your weaknesses.

If you want to begin improving your scores, you need to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Use the following article to start tracking data for your future rounds.

You can then build an action plan for your practice sessions. You’ll find this a much more responsive technique than just whacking endless amounts of golf balls off at a driving range, which will result in minimal progression.

It’s up to you how many rounds of golf you track for. I would recommend around 10 rounds of golf. This should start to give you enough data for a good spread of averages. Using only one round wouldn’t give enough data, especially if you’ve had an off day, or extremely good day.

It’s entirely up to you with how many of these stats you track; I recommend all of them as they won’t take long. Just take a spare scorecard and use the columns where you would normally write in Player A, Player B, Points, Gross, Net etc. So long as you know which is which you can write